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"10 Essential Items New Kitten - #TailWaggingJoy Checklist"

Updated: Apr 19

Take a leap into the enchanting realm of pet parenthood with a bounce in your step and a wag in your tail! As you embark on this delightful journey, we understand the excitement tinged with a hint of confusion. The array of pet essentials can seem like a labyrinth, but fear not! Together, we'll unravel the mystery and discover what truly makes your furry companion feel snug and at ease. Drawing from our wealth of experience, we've curated a list of must-have items for new pet parents like you. These essentials aren't just items—they're the ingredients for countless moments of pure, tail-wagging joy. So, are you ready to dive headfirst into a world of furry cuddles and unforgettable memories? Let's make some magic happen!

New Cat Essentials:

·       Quality Cat Food: Indulge your feline friend with top-notch nutrition! Choose cat food crafted with care, prioritising a balanced diet tailored to your cat's nutritional requirements. Seek out brands recommended by experts, emphasising high protein content and steering clear of fillers and artificial additives. After trying many different options, I found Royal Canin Kitten food most appropriate:, both in terms of texture and nutritional values.

·       Food and Water Bowls: Elevate mealtime for your feline companion with the right bowls! According to experts, opt for non-toxic, fuss-free bowls that are a breeze to clean. Keep in mind your cat's preferences; while some may favour shallow dishes, others might prefer deeper bowls for their dining pleasure. There are ample of options, check those out for inspiration: Do not hesitate to choose aesthetically pleasing options. To ensure freshness of the water, I found most useful to use a fountain, check out this wonderful product that you could buy on Amazon: Explore other options:

·       Litter Box and Litter: Stay up-to-date with the latest findings when setting up your cat's litter area! Experience shows, ensuring the litter box offers ample space for your cat to maneuver comfortably is important. Opt for scoopable litter, as it's been shown to be the preferred choice for ease of cleaning. When addressing concerns about odours, consider opting for scent-absorbing litter. This type of litter might effectively neutralises smells to big extend, keeping your home fresh and pleasant for both you and your feline friend. I prefer a closed litter box, like this one: It helps avoid odour. And I add the appropriate odour control litter:

·       Cat Litter Scoop: This tool makes cleaning the litter box a breeze. The scoop you choose is important, you might consider one with a holder:

·       Cat Bed: Give your cat the ultimate relaxation zone with a plush cat bed or a snuggly blanket-lined basket. Recent studies highlight the importance of offering a cozy, well-cushioned sleeping spot, preferably with raised edges to provide a sense of security. This ensures your feline friend can curl up in comfort, promoting deeper relaxation and better sleep quality. A round donut shape could be an amazing option:

·       Scratching Post or Pad: Meet your cat's natural scratching needs with a dedicated scratching post or pad. Research shows that offering a designated scratching area can help protect your furniture from unwanted claw marks, while also promoting your cat's physical and emotional well-being. A post is important so that you could train your cat not to scratch your furniture. Opt for a simple one that your furry friend will love:

·       Grooming Tools: Neglecting to comb your cat's fur can result in discomfort, health issues, and a less healthy coat. Invest in grooming tools tailored to your cat's coat type to maintain their appearance and well-being. Research underscores the importance of regular grooming, as it not only keeps your cat looking sleek and tidy but also helps prevent matting, reduces shedding, and promotes healthy skin and coat. The comb size is important, after purchasing multiple, I found this comb most appropriate:, yet my cat has ample of fur. If your cat has less, explore this option:

·       Collar and ID Tag: Enhance your cat's safety with a collar equipped with an ID tag, even if they're microchipped. Recent advancements like the Apple AirTag now allow you to attach a small tracker to your cat's collar, providing real-time location updates right to your smartphone. This added layer of protection ensures that even if your cat wanders off, you can quickly locate and bring them home safely. If your cat is a wanderer, like mine, I strongly recommend one:

·       Toys: Engage your cat's natural instincts with interactive toys such as feather wands or laser pointers. Studies suggest that these toys provide mental stimulation and encourage physical activity, promoting your cat's overall health and well-being. A tunnel is a great choice: Laser cat toys could generate lots of excitement, check this option out:


·       Carrier: Invest in a high-quality carrier for essential vet visits and safe transportation. Experts recommend selecting a carrier with sturdy construction, proper ventilation, and easy access points to ensure your cat's comfort and safety during travel. You may decide to explore an extra large carrier: It is important the carrier has good structure, while it provides cuddly feeling.

·       Environmental Enrichment: Enhance your cat's environment with vertical spaces such as cat trees or shelves. Recent studies highlight the importance of providing these elevated areas, which allow cats to climb and observe their surroundings from a high vantage point. This enriching environment promotes mental stimulation and satisfies your cat's natural instincts, contributing to their overall well-being. What ever you decide to choose, your cat will end up using it, yet you might consider this option:

·       Scratching Deterrents: Consider using scratching deterrents like double-sided tape or specialised sprays to discourage your cat from scratching unwanted areas. These products can be particularly helpful if your cat has a habit of damaging furniture or other items in your home.

Useful Tips:

Gradual Introduction: Allow your cat to acclimate to new items, such as the litter box and scratching post, at their own pace. This approach helps reduce stress and anxiety, allowing your cat to become familiar with the items in their own time, ultimately increasing the likelihood of successful adoption and usage.

Quality Over Quantity: The true joy doesn't stem from the quantity, but rather from the tail-wagging delight your cat experiences with the suitability and engagement of the toys and gadgets you provide.

Regular Vet Check-ups: In addition to essential items, prioritise your cat's health by scheduling regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and parasite prevention treatments.

Remember, each cat is one-of-a-kind, so discovering what your furry companion prefers may require a bit of experimentation. Enjoy the journey of pet parenting!

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